ARMS producer geeft meer info over zijn spel

De producer van het spel ARMS, welk voor de Nintendo Switch uitkomt heeft meer informatie over zijn spel vrijgegeven. 

Hij heeft het volgende te zeggen over het rooster welk in het spel te vinden is:

There will be more characters, with more arm types. What we have available today is just a portion of what will be available in the full game. You can look forward to more information gradually coming out as the release date approaches.

Hij had ook nog iets te zeggen over waarom je de controllers tijdens het spelen zo moet houden:


During the Switch’s development, we were wondering how we could hold the Joy-Con to play games. Even though it supports the standard grip, the Joy-Con fits in your palms nicely if you tilt them. I thought, if we were to make a game that involved swinging the Joy-Con around, it should use that kind of grip. So, we decided to combine the prototype that became the basis for Arms with that grip style. And, since the internal sensors are more accurate, you can control it with much lighter movement, so I don’t think it will be that tiring. Since there will probably be some people who aren’t good at the physical controls, we made it possible to play using the buttons as well. They can use the buttons on the Joy-Con, or the Pro Controller. It is also possible to play using just one Joy-Con, so you can share the fun and play with others.

Het spel Arms komt uit voor de Nintendo Switch tijdens de release en er komt steeds meer informatie over het spel naar buiten. ARMS komt tijdens de launch window van de console uit.

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