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EA heeft een conferentie georganiseerd waarin het tegen investeerders praat over hoe het gaat met het bedrijf en de industrie. Ze spreken onder andere over de verwachtingen in de console markt en over de toekomst van Titanfall 2.

Hoe het bedrijf tegen de console markt aankijkt is als volgt:

Benjamin Schachter – Macquarie Capital (USA), Inc.

And finally, just a quick clarity point, did I hear you correctly say that digital downloads are growing about five points a year, perhaps more in North America and the UK? If yes, what was the base we’re growing off of last year? Thanks.

Blake J. Jorgensen – Electronic Arts, Inc.

And Ben, on your other two questions, on full-game downloads, we finished our fiscal 2016 around 24% of all of our games. And as we’ve talked about publicly, we lag the industry by one or two points primarily because FIFA is such a large global product. It has huge share in some marketplaces where full-game downloads, due to bandwidth or credit card capabilities, are not – it impacts that business there.

Benjamin Schachter – Macquarie Capital (USA), Inc.

Blake, are those console games, or PC also?

Blake J. Jorgensen – Electronic Arts, Inc.

Excuse me. This is Gen 4-only consoles, sorry. Obviously, PC skews it. 75% to 80% of all PC games are full-game downloads. That pulls the numbers up. We think the industry is going be probably by calendar year end around 30%. And our internal estimates are around 29% for ourselves, once again, slight lag with the industry. But as I said, I think we’re seeing positive trends on all of that, so that’s good.


Het gaat dus beter met de digitale aankopen. Over de verwachte verkopen van consoles werd het volgende gezegd:

Blake J. Jorgensen – Electronic Arts, Inc.

On the console question, it’s a little early for us to know what the big impact will be of new PlayStation and Xbox models. We’re extremely excited about them. The gameplay quality is obviously fantastic. We think the consumer experience is going be great on both of those consoles. But it’s early because the selling season is really as we go between now and the end of the calendar year.

Our internal estimate is still roughly 80 million units by the end of calendar year and 100 million units by the end of next year, calendar year. And as a note, the install base right now is 33% higher than the previous generation consoles for the first 35 months in the West. All of that bodes extremely well for the overall business. And that combined with the fact that I think you’ll continue to see fantastic deals around bundling associated with the new consoles, the consumer is really going to get a great opportunity to increase or enter the best level of the gaming business that we’ve seen in a long time.

Tot slot werd het volgende gezegd over Titanfall 2:

San Q. Phan – Mizuho Securities USA, Inc.

Sure. So offering a free DLC for Titanfall is pretty unique. I was just wondering if you can share the feedback you’re getting thus far on that decision, and if you’re expecting that to impact the game with a different sales curve versus other titles that traditionally would have a season pass.

*I cut out a bunch here from EA’s CEO*

Blake J. Jorgensen – Electronic Arts, Inc.

I think one thing to remember, it gets lost I think on a big AAA title like Titanfall. We are working with Respawn to build a franchise. This is something that we plan to be working with them on for many, many years to come, and there’s huge opportunity inside of that franchise to continue to expand it. And so part of the strategy of building a franchise is you have a long view. You think about the business differently than you might an existing franchise like a FIFA or a Madden. And what that means is we’re looking for ways to not fragment the player base early, but to include as everybody as possible and as we can to continue to build that franchise. We think that’s the right strategy for a product like Titanfall. And more to come as we learn more, but that’s the reason that we chose to go the route we went.


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