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Even spieken bij de Battlefield 1 mei Update


Battlefield 1 leeft nog steeds en krijgt weer een update die veel dingen repareert wat veel spelers stoorden. Heel veel gameplay tweaks en nieuwe game modes komen voornamelijk kijken bij deze patch.

Gisteravond heeft EA DICE een exclusieve sneak peek livestream gehouden waarin alle nieuwe eigenschappen van de Battlefield 1 Mei Update werden getoond. Volgens Dan Mitre (Community Manager), Andrew Gulotta (DICE Producer) en Chad Wilkinson (Battlefield 1 Lead Gameplay Designer) is de patch al aangegeven bij Sony en Xbox. Dit betekent dat hij dus al snel beschikbaar kan zijn op alle platforms.

Wij hebben alles samengevat van wat de speler kan verwachten van de nieuwe update, zie hier beneden!

  • Fine tuning how you get into Operations and how you stay in it.
  • The Operations Playlist is a tool where players can choose to remain in their current Operations server and replay the same loop as many times as they prefer.
  • In Operations Playlist, sides will automatically switch on rotation.
  • Depending on its success, DICE is working on expanding the Operations Playlist, so it rotates through all Operations.
  • That means no waiting to get back into an Operations map once the map concluded,
  • Players can expect to experience more balanced, strategic gameplay because of the Operations Playlist. You’ll have continual fighting on the same map from different sides, keeping changes in your strategy fresh and active. You’ll better know how to counter when on defense and attack when on the offensive because you’ll be fighting against enemies you’ve just engaged.
  • “Join any Operation” button added to menu.
  • Faster & better matchmaking for Operations.

Other important changes to Battlefield 1

  • Fixed a bug in Spectator Mode where the camera sometimes gets stuck.
  • All tanks now self-repair at the same rate but are more vulnerable.
  • Ticket count on Domination increased from 100 to 200 tickets.
  • Changes to how the anti-air guns work, specifically the range. Will now be able to shoot attacking planes no matter how high, but in a narrower range directly ahead of the gun. Meaning, the AA won’t be dominating as much of the map, only the section above and around it.
  • The improved height range of the AA guns means planes will not be dominating as much as before.
  • AA guns health increased.
  • Stationary anti-air guns can now be repaired. It becomes unusable when health reaches a critical level and needs to be repaired with the repair tool.
  • Engineers and AA pros will be able to provide a strong defense against plane attacks.
  • Rear camera added to planes so pilots can see better behind them.
  • Balance changes to some planes – Fighter planes now have speed boosts & incendiary bullets, and Bombers get repair.
  • Field guns increased damage vs. tanks.
  • Bayonet charge gets nerfed – aiming speed modifier changed, and small health boost removed.
  • Low on ammo icons added to help that support class find players.
  • Tweaks to netcode to further improve latency.

Voor de mensen die de hele livestream willen zien, deze staat ook aangegeven hier beneden.

Zijn jullie al lang aan het wachten op de nieuwe Battlefield 1 update? Laat het ons weten in de reacties hier beneden.

De update heeft nog geen release datum maar zal snel beschikbaar zijn op alle platforms.

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