Nvidia praat positief over Nintendo

Nintendo en Nvidia hebben een deal voor de aankomende Nintendo Switch. Dat betekent natuurlijk dat de bedrijven erg positief naar elkaar toe zijn. Vandaag heeft Nvidia iets meer verteld over hun samenwerking met Nintendo aan de Switch.

De CEO van Nvidia zei het volgende:

“The quality of games has grown significantly,” said Huang. “And one of the factors of production value of games that has been possible is because the PC and the two game consoles, Xbox and PlayStation, and — in the near-future — the Nintendo Switch, all of these architectures are common in the sense that they all use modern GPUs, they all use programmable shading, and they all have basically similar features.”


Huang admits that the chips inside your PC, your PS4, and your Switch will still have differences. The processors will vary in design and capabilities, but they still all use a common architectural language. That’s despite Tegra using mobile ARM architecture and the other consoles using the PC-based X86 design.

“As a result of that, game developers can target a much larger installed base with one common code base and, as a result, they can increase the production quality, production value of the games,” he said.

Ook denkt hij dat de nieuwe console een grote hit gaat worden bij de consumenten en veel mensen gaat verbazen:

“We’ve worked with [Nintendo] now for almost two years,” said Huang. “Several hundred engineering years have gone into the development of this incredible game console. I really believe when everybody sees it and enjoys it, they’re going be amazed by it. It’s really like nothing they’ve ever played with before. And of course, the brand, their franchises and their game content is incredible.”

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