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Prey krijgt Day One patch


De game is nog niet uit maar heeft nu al een patch klaar staan. We hebben het over de nieuwe game van Arkane studios, Prey. Een reboot van de game die in 2006 uitkwam.

Prey komt pas op 5 mei uit maar heeft nu al een patch klaar staan. Voor alle mensen die een early copy van de game hebben, kunnen deze al downloaden. De update moet veel bugs verwijderen, voornamelijk framerate problemen en plotselinge game crashes. De omvang van deze patch is ongeveer 1.3 gigabyte.

De patch brengt ook remaster van alle geluiden in het spel. Volgens veel testers was het slecht te horen wanneer er gevaar dreigde maar dit is in de update gefixt.

Hieronder is een lijst met alle aanpassingen:


  • Phantom corpses will now have proper names if they were NPCs that were turned into phantoms.
  • Cystoids and Cystoid nests now react appropriately to fast-moving objects.
  • Explosive containers will now explode when thrown at technopaths.
  • Nightmare will no longer camp objects the player has turned into in front of it.
  • Operators can no longer occasionally shoot through walls.
  • AI adjusts for difficulty level more effectively.
  • Multiple telepaths in an area no longer chain attacks on the player.


  • Touching placed grenades while mimicked will no longer cause them to explode.
  • Boltcaster can no longer cause zero-damage critical hits.
  • Nullwave Transmitter now works on Apex tendrils.
  • Technopath can now be hit by sneak attacks with the stun gun.
  • Grenades are now affected by lift fields.
  • Dropped weapons will now re-equip to favourites wheel when picked up.
  • Recycler grenade damage now properly scales with difficulty level.
  • Gloo Gun no longer loses functionality after placing too many gloo balls in a level.


  • Various Fixes to Mimic Matter ability.
  • Player can now open EMP’d doors with their leverage abilities.
  • Backlash now properly prevents suit damage while active.
  • Player’s attacks will no longer consume Backlash charges.
  • Objects targeted by Lift field will be highlighted properly.
  • Remote Manipulation can now be used to open most containers.


  • Beam Shielding chipset now properly reduces damage from military operators.
  • Updated Mimic Detection Gen 2 chipset description to include all mimic types.


  • Military operator effects fixed for first-person view.
  • Players are now affected by electric floors/water while jumping.
  • Telepath will no longer knock player out of the world in Crew Quarters.
  • Player will no longer fall out of the world when gravity is restored when they’re upside down.
  • Players can now carry destroyed operators properly in Zero-G.


  • Hacking minigame will now properly display what object is being hacked in the UI.
  • Players can now split stacks when looking at container inventories.
  • Various fixes to behaviours when player mimics an operator.
  • Localised versions of the game now support switching VO to English.
  • Killing Mikhaila with the Q-Beam now only counts as one human killed.
  • Quickload loads the most recent save of an type, not just auto-save.
  • Addressed several frame rate bugs.
  • Addressed several save/load bugs.
  • Several crash fixes.
  • Various mission and objective marker fixes.
  • Various localised text and audio fixes.
  • Various SFX fixes.
  • Various VFX fixes.

Kijk jij uit naar de nieuwe game van Arkane Studios? Laat het ons weten in de reacties hier beneden!

Prey komt uit op 5 mei 2017 voor de PC, Xbox en PS4.

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