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Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes: Patch 2.1.3

Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell Jackal

Rainbow Six Siege krijgt opnieuw een update waarin een aantal operators flink aangepakt worden.

Glaz kreeg een aanzienlijke buff in de laatste patch, maar spelers klaagde dat de scope nu juist minder fijn was om door heen te kijken. Daar is nu verandering in gekomen. Montagne spelers zijn iets kwetsbaarder geworden. De hip-fire spread van de LFP586 handgun is vergroot. Ubisoft vond dat montagne spelers op mid-range te makkelijk vijanden konden uitschakelen zonder zelf al te veel risico te lopen.

Echo’s Yokai drone zal vanaf nu vijandelijke spelers desoriënteren als ze waar dan ook geraakt worden. Voorheen werden spelers alleen maar gedesoriënteerd als hun hoofd werd geraakt.

Ubisoft belooft ook nog dat Hiabana’s X-kairos worden aangepakt, maar zo ver is ze dat nog niet gelukt. Het blijkt namelijk dat de gadget van Hibana soms niet af gaat terwijl er van de andere kant geen gadget is geplaatst om de X-Kairos onschadelijk te maken. De volledige patch notes staan hier beneden.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.1.3 Patch Notes


  • FIXED – If the entire enemy team is kicked for team killing, the winning team does not gain any MMR.
  • FIXED – Operators are able to deploy their gadgets while prone.
  • FIXED – The Death From Above bonus applies to all kills when initiated while rappelling.
  • FIXED – The DBNO timer is not paused when a teammate is reviving a downed player.
  • FIXED – Shield Operators were utilizing an ancient technique to reload their pistols instantly. The knowledge for how to perform this reload has once again been forgotten.
  • FIXED – Operators sometimes get stuck to a Barricade when placing a Breaching Charge on a Barricade that is partially damaged. The Defenders now properly dispose of their gum in trash receptacles.
  • FIXED – Gadget deployment does not trigger properly when a sidearm is in use.
  • FIXED – Reloading does not always properly reload the weapon, even if the animation plays. Bandit’s April Fools joke of replacing some magazines with empty ones was not received well by Rainbow Six Actual.
  • FIXED – Barricades and Reinforced Walls are not properly displaying for all players.
  • FIXED – Some players are able to exit and re-enter ADS with shields instantly. Shields are heavy, you can’t flap them around.
  • FIXED – Players are able to achieve full ADS accuracy without fully aiming down sights.

Game Mode

Caster Camera

  • FIXED – Spectating a player on Oregon in the Basement will cause the camera to switch floors.

Terrorist Hunt

  • FIXED – Players will see a broken animation when an Attacking Operator with a shield uses the refill station.

Custom Game

  • FIXED – Mira’s One Way Mirror cannot be ejected if Friendly Fire is deactivated.



  • FIXED – Montagne places his left hand on an invisible shield in the MVP screen when viewed by other players.
  • LFP586 hip fire spread has been increased: We felt like Montagne paired with the LFP586 + laser sight was overall too strong at medium and longer range encounters, so we have increased the hip fire spread of the gun. Montagne won’t be able to quickly shut down his opponent without having to expose himself anymore, given that there is a decent distance between the two.


  • FIXED – Shock Drone will kill players that are using Rook’s Armor Plates, as opposed to downing them.
  • FIXED – The Shock Drone makes no sound effect when destroyed.
  • FIXED – Twitch does not have any audio barks when the Maquis Legendary Uniform is equipped.


  • FIXED – MP5K Iron Sights are missing the glow on the front sight post.


  • FIXED – Fuze’s gloves will now match his uniform. He confirmed that he will not be forgetting items from the packing list again.


  • FIXED – X-KAIROS Pellets disappear if they are shot while a player is leaning around cover.
  • X-KAIROS pellet bug status: We have been investigating the issue with Hibana’s gadget randomly not detonating for a long time, and once we found the resolution to this issue we realized it is much more complex than we had expected. After significant testing and tweaking, we decided that the only way to resolve the issue was to rebuild the backend design of Hibana’s gadget. This is not an easy task, but we have targeted this to be completed within Y2S2. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • FIXED – EDD can be deployed through an object, causing a broken animation.


  • FIXED – Yokai can be thrown directly onto the ceiling and will stick to it.
  • FIXED – Sonic Burst disorient effect hits twice on certain Operators with gadgets in their hands.
  • FIXED – Yokai’s crosshair does not display that a susceptible target is being aimed at.
  • FIXED – Yokai cannot disorient teammates during the Preparation Phase.
  • FIXED – Yokai drone cannot be destroyed by projectile explosion while in camo.
  • Yokai Drone disorients a player if it hits any body part: Echo’s Yokai drone’s sonic burst now registers all body parts as a valid hit surface to trigger the disorientation effect on the opponent. We felt like it was really hard to hit the head (even more so on consoles), so we’re giving Echo players a lot more room for imprecision to trigger the effect.


  • FIXED – LMG makes no sound when being deployed or picked up if the shield is destroyed.
  • FIXED – LMG shield appears visible momentarily after being redeployed if the shield was previously destroyed.
  • FIXED – Player does not properly “attach” to the LMG after vaulting over an object.


  • FIXED – Damage displayed in the kill camera is too high.


  • FIXED – Placing the Black Mirror on reinforced walls separated by an indestructible pillar will cause the gadget to only partially deploy.
  • FIXED – It is possible to melee drone from the opposite side of an unbroken Black Mirror.
  • FIXED – Improper behavior of wall during deployment of the Black Mirror on walls with metal beams.
  • FIXED – Objects on the walls are destroyed after Black Mirror activation, as opposed to during the deployment animation.


  • FIXED – Weapon becomes invisible after quickly activating and deactivating the Hunter Vision repeatedly.


  • FIXED – IQ has the wrong nail polish color in 3rd person view.


  • FIXED – Red LED on the Exothermic Charge remains on after removing the charge.


  • FIXED – Hip-firing with the OTS-03 results in a perfectly circular shot pattern, as opposed to shots landing at the point of aim.
  • Tweaks to Glaz’s scope will make it easier to know when a shot lands or misses:After shipping the new scope for Glaz with the Velvet Shell Mid-Season Reinforcements, we noticed that the blood splatter visual effects were not working properly. This called into question whether hits would land on the player’s opponent or not. We have also reduced the noise created by the thermal lens, which caused the yellow highlight to bleed from the edges of the character, which gave the player a false sense of where the opponent’s body begins and ends. As a result, players will be able to see much better when a hit lands and when it doesn’t.
    • Reduced the noise on the edges of the highlighted enemy.
    • Lowered the contrast of the teal tint of the lens.
    • Lowered the contrast of the yellow highlight on opponents.
    • Fixed the blood splatters effect not appearing on successful shots.

Level Design

Bartlett University

  • FIXED – Placing the Black Mirror on non-reinforced walls with paintings on the other side will not destroy the props and will obscure vision.
  • FIXED – Invisible collision causes drones to appear as if they are floating in the Library.


  • FIXED – Players cannot vault over a Deployable Shield if placed at 2F Library Hallway doorway.
  • FIXED – Yokai can destroy and stick to shelves that are midway up the wall.


  • FIXED – X-KAIROS Pellets do not penetrate the top window of the Upper Hallway stairwell when fired from the outside tower.


  • FIXED – Wall is not fully destroyed when Black Mirror is activated on it in “B Electric Room”.


  • FIXED – Deployable gadgets are instantly destroyed when shooting at the indestructible table in B Laundry Room.

User Experience

  • FIXED – Players do not receive any points when killing an enemy with a gadget after the player has died.
  • FIXED – Firing pin group does not follow the slide for the USP or Mk1 9mm.
  • FIXED – When shooting at least two times before detonating, X-KAIROS pellets do not produce any sound in third person.
  • FIXED – IQ has the wrong nail polish color in 3rd person view. She was very excited to show off her latest manicure.
  • FIXED – Wrong placement for Shields in the Winning Showcase.
  • FIXED – DBNO audio remains present after reviving the DBNO Operator.
  • FIXED – Any equipped gadget is invisible if held for more than 9 seconds with one hit key (advanced deployment option) in hand in the End of Round replay or any replay.

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