8 juli 2020

Dead or Alive 6 “Iron Fist Apprentice & Drunken Master” Trailer

Vechten, babes, verhaal, Dead or Alive 6 heeft het allemaal. Het is nog even wachten tot 15 februari wanneer wij mogen gaan genieten van al het schoon dat Dead or Alive te bieden heeft.

Het rooster is momenteel nog niet compleet bekend gemaakt, maar met de “Iron Fist Apprentice & Drunken Master” trailer kunnen wij in ieder geval Brad Wong en Eliot aan de lijst toevoegen.
Brad Wong

Country: China
Age: 32
Blood Type: O
Height / Weight: 182cm / 76kg
Occupation: Unemployed
Favorite food or drink: Alcoholic beverages
Hobby: Go, Erhu
Fighting Style – Zui Quan: He specializes in confusing his opponent by using a range of unpredictable attacks from such unusual stances as standing on one foot, standing on his head, facing backwards, and even laying down on the ground.

Country: United Kingdom
Age: 18
Blood Type: AB
Height / Weight: 168cm / 55kg
Occupation: Traveling martial arts scholar
Favorite food or drink: Tea (especially herbal and oolong)
Hobby: Harmonica
Fighting Style: Xingyi Quan + Xinyi Liuhe Quan – He charges forth, unleashing a furious volley of consecutive attacks, combining together both Xingyi Quan and Xinyi Liuhe Quan styles.