28 februari 2024

Heroes Made in Asia: Interview met Scott Burns

Heroes made in Asia Scott Burns

Afgelopen weekend was het tijd voor Heroes Made in Asia. Op dit altijd gezellige en fijn evenement mochten wij een interview doen met beide hoofdgasten van het evenement. We hadden een interview met de voice actor van onder ander Bowser Scott Burns en met voice actress Cristina Valenzuela bekend van Bennett uit Genshin Impact en Riven uit League of Legends. Een deel van beide interviews zijn in het Engels hieronder te  lezen. Het waren twee bijzondere interviews waarbij het interview met Scott Burns het langste bleef hangen.

Onze eerste interview was met Scott Burns de voice actor van Bowser. What led you to the role of Bowser? “Well, I was invited to come to an audition in Seattle where Nintendo Corporation is based. I met up with two guys with laptops who had pictures of Bowser on them, and at the time, he was more like a turtle shell and not as graphically designed as he is now. They explained to me that Bowser would come at the end of the game and ruin Mario’s game. They wanted him to be fierce but not scary because kids would play the game too. So, I used my Santa Claus voice and then added a growl to it, and they seemed to like that.” Was it hard to play a character that mostly growls? “No, it was actually fun. Having the Santa approach really helped; otherwise, he would be too mean all the time. But they had a kind of spreadsheet for me with line after line, so I didn’t know how the story was progressing during the takes. They would just sometimes ask me, ‘Can you do a growl for 4.8 seconds precisely?’ and I would just do that.”

So, the new Mario movie is out. Have you seen it, and how was Jack Black as Bowser? Did they live up to your expectations? “No, no, I haven’t seen it yet. And no, Jack Black didn’t call me. But I love Jack Black, so I thought they made a great choice with him. But he had a different approach, but I heard he stole the show. I also heard that my voice is in it in one of those falling scenes, so I will definitely be going to see it.” How does it feel to be the voice of one of the most iconic villains in gaming history? “Pretty incredible, actually. The reaction from those who played the game is so weird to think that it’s so globally known, and now to be here in The Netherlands, it’s just great.” What do you think makes Bowser such a beloved and enduring character in the gaming world? “I think it’s because he is a bad boy with a big heart. Yesterday someone asked me if he was evil, and I was like, ‘No, he is just narcissistic and wants to have fun, and he just enjoys messing with Mario.'”

Heroes Made in Asia interview Scott Burns