Heroes Made in Asia: Interview met Cristina Valenzuela

Heroes made in Asia interview Cristina Valenzuela

Afgelopen weekend was het tijd voor Heroes Made in Asia. Op dit altijd gezellige en fijn evenement mochten wij een interview doen met beide hoofdgasten van het evenement. We hadden een interview met de voice actor van onder ander Bowser Scott Burns en met voice actress Cristina Valenzuela bekend van Bennett uit Genshin Impact en Riven uit League of Legends. Een deel van beide interviews zijn in het Engels hieronder te  lezen. Het waren twee bijzondere interviews met in dit artikel Cristina Valenzuela.

Het tweede interview hadden we met Cristina Valenzuela. How is it like to transition between male and female voices as an actress? “I learned how to do boy voices from another voice actor, and she didn’t know or maybe still doesn’t know, but her name is Erica Mendez, and we kind of came up together doing voice acting. She had a really good boy voice, so I just listened to her a lot, and that’s how I developed my own little boy voice. And now I guess I use it all the time.” You have such a wide range of characters. Are there any characters that stick with you or are your favorites? “I think Ladybug is really special to me, and Killua from Hunter x Hunter are my top favorites right now.”

Are there some projects where you can put your own personality or personal touch into it? “Well, with anime, they’re a little more restrictive, but when I audition, I just play the character the way I want it. And if I get the part, they seem to like it, and I just roll with that.” Has there been a role or project that had a significant impact on you personally or professionally? “Madoka Magica was very challenging for me and the one that forced me to grow a lot as an actor when we were recording that show.” Are there any dream roles or projects you want to work on? “I’d like to be in a Persona game. That would be fun. Oh, and also in Demon Slayer.” What do you like the most about being a voice actress? “I like doing the job, but it’s also really fun to come out and meet the people. It’s sometimes lonely and isolated when recording, but coming out and seeing the people for whom you do it makes it less of a hard job. And it’s really cool to sign autographs and see what people know me for.”

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